SECON Ortungstechnik

UWM 40


  • High detection range
  • For land and underwater
  • Detects all metals
  • Audio object-information
  • Suppression of signals from small objects
  • Clear, audio signal
  • Permits easy locating
  • Can be used in saltwater





The UWM 40 is designed to search for metal objects on land or underwater. It detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals and also alloys. It indicates the size and conductivity characteristics of the detected objects: large and highly conductive objects will be indicated by a tremolo signal added to the audio alarm. This permits the diver to determine while searching whether a signal is from a larger object worth recovering or from.

Mode of operation

The detector applies the dynamic pulse induction principle which is advantageous for operation in saltwater. Short magnetic pulses are transmitted through the search head. These short magnetic pulses induce eddy current in conductive objects. The objects respond by a magnetic signal which is detected by the device and converted into an audio signal in its single sided head. The audio signal increases in frequency as the detector’s search approaches the metal object. This helps the diver to poinpoint the target object. If the object shows high conductivity a tremolo signature will be mixed into the audio signal.

Delivery content

  • Square headset 220 x 220 mm with integrated electronics, flanged to the handle,headset
  • Dry battery 9 Volt E-Block (IEC 6 LR61)
  • Test piece
  • Extension rod with handgrip and arm rest
  • Operation manual
  • Optional: Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Optional: Transport bag


Constructional features

It consists of a square shaped search head with joint, which is flanged to the detector handle containing the battery compartment and socket for the headset. The detector is switched on by half-rotation of the handle. The sensitivity can be adjusted by means of a sliding adjuster at the search head joint. For the operation on land the extension rod can be screwed between the.

 Technical data

Power supply 1 x 9 V E-Block

1 x rechargeable battery

9 V E-Block Ni-MH TR7/8

Operation time* dry battery approx. 10 h

(IEC 6 LR61), rechargeable

battery approx. 5 h

Temperature range approx. -10°C to +55°C

Length overall** approx. 630 mm

Search head approx. 220 mm x 220 mm

Electronic cylinder approx. 35 x 290 mm

Extension rod approx. 580 mm

Weight approx. 1.400 g

Pressure test approx. 7 bar (60 m)

* Depends on the temperature and the quality of the battery/rechargeable battery used.

** The total length refers to the detector when fl at, measured from the tip of the detector to the end of the handle.







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