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SC 900 walk-through detector

  • Multi-zone design
  • with 9 real detection zones
  • 10 sensitivity levels, in 246 individual steps
  • Interruption-free emergency power supply(approx. 4 h)
  • Simple programming
  • Compact and reliable
  • RS-232 interface






The SC 900 walk-through metal detector can be used in many aspects of security screening and offers a high detection performance: its VLF (very low frequency) technology is reliable at detecting metal. To this end, the indication signal varies depending on the volume of the metal detected. The high-speed detection circuit can check up to 60 persons per minute (with delays in the event of an alarm signal). The SC 900 is compelling in terms of its operating comfort and its good handling. After turning on the metal detector a self-test routine occurs for some seconds monitoring all important functions. After a few seconds the metal detector is operational. It fulfi ls all important international guidelines (NILECJ-0601 L1-3/IP 53/IEC 348 Class 1 in accordance with CE; certifi ed manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001-2000).

Mode of operation

The SC 900 comes with an expanded, even detection fi eld comprising horizontal and vertical areas. Its sensitivity can be set in accordance with the respective safety measures. In nine clearly distinguishable detection zones, the position of suspicious metal object is accurately displayed - using optical elements in the side panels (red LEDs) and on the electronic control box's control panel. The security personnel immediately sees that further checks are necessary. This permits effective checks on numerous people within a short period of time. The technology is microprocessor-supported and is digitally controlled.

Constructional features

The SC 900 walk-through metal detector is suitable for mobile deployment. Its compact design eases a transport of the components to different check points. Assembly and disassembly take less than 15 minutes. A lockable disc in front of the operating panel and a four-digit PIN code protect the control and display unit against unauthorised access: hence, changes to important settings - such as basic setting, sensitivity, system calibration, counters, ON and OFF - can only be carried out by authorised persons.

Delivery content

  • SC 900 gate metal detector
  • Power and synchronisation cables
  • Assembly tools and materials
  • Operating instructions, available in several languages

Technical Data

Power supply Operating voltage approx. 70 V AC-270 V AVC at 50-60 Hz Power consumption approx. 10 W in standby, 20 W with alarm Operation time* Interruption-free power supply for approx. 4 h Temperature range approx. -20 °C to +70 °C Dimensions Inside: 760 x 2000 x 500 mm Outside: 830 x 2200 x 500 mm Weight approx. 46 kg VersandWeight approx. 65 kg Operating frequency approx. 50-60 Hz





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