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  • Fast and effi cient
  • Easy to use
  • Visual and audio alarm signal
  • Switch for dynamic and static operation






The metal detector MAILEX® 10 is used to pre-inspect post items such as letters, fl at packages and parcels for metal components which may be part of an explosive or incendiary device. The equipment detects ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals and alloys. Parcels with a height up to 55 mm and a width up to 270 mm can be inspected. It is recommended that letters and packages sorted out as containing suspicious metal parts should also undergo a check by X-Ray detectors (compare page 12 to 17). The combination of the two inspection methods offers a high safety level.

Mode of operation

The sensitivity can be steplessly adjusted in accordance with the requirements. The detection of small metal objects can be suppressed to a certain extent. The MAILEX® 10 can be operated in a static mode or in a dynamic alarm mode. In the dynamic mode the frequency of the alarm and the brightness of the LED will increase if a metal object is in the vicinity of the sensor. This facility permits the position of the object to be clearly located. The detector auto-resets after each alarm. In the static mode the metal detection audio alarm remains at a constant level and the LED fl ashes.

Constructional features

The MAILEX® 10 comprises a ,slide'-like inspection ramp with integrated sensor and a bracket. Once the MAILEX® has been put into operation and tuned just let the mail slip down the chute. A suspicious letter or other object will be identifi ed by an audio and visual alarm and can be separated out for further checking by the security personnel. The alarm mode can be selected, i.e. either audio and LED indication or just LED indication (silent mode).

Technical Data

Power supply by built-in rechargeable battery NiCd Battery control by fl ashing LED Operation time approx. 12 h Temperature range -5 °C to +40 °C Dimensions chute: approx. 320 x 80 x 450 mm (folded) chute: approx. 320 x 260 x 420 mm (in operation) Weight approx. 2.9 kg

Delivery content

  • Metal detector MAILEX® 10
  • Charger
  • Optional: soft case

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