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Hand-held SC 61

  •  Automatic adjustment
  • Visual/audio alarm signal
  • Dynamic operation mode
  • No risk to pacemaker wearers
  • and magnetic data carriers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate
  • LED battery control
  • Headset socket




The hand-held SC 61 is the result of a design study where technical and operational requirements were analysed together. The construction ensures comfortable handling with little fatigue. The search head allows a thorough inspection of large areas. Persons can be checked up fast and effi ciently.

Mode of operation

The SC 61 operates on the damping system: the search head transmits an alternating electromagnetic fi eld, which will be infl uenced by the presence of metal objects. Such electric changes modify the oscillation amplitude in the detector electronics and are converted into an audio and visual alarm signal. In case of high signal intensity it will switch automatically to a static mode. The dynamic operation mode allows the automatic adjustment to homogeneous background interference. The detector does not interact with heart pacemakers, magnetic recording material or other technical devices. The device meets the international standards on electromagnetic compatibility.

Constructional features

The sturdy but lightweight construction ensures a comfortable handling for continuous operation. The standard version operates on commercial dry batteries or on a rechargeable battery.

Delivery content

  • Hand-held SC 61
  • 9-V dry battery
  • Operation manual

Technical Data

Power supply Battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9-V Rechargeable battery 1 x ANSI E (Eblock) 9-V NiMH (IEC HR 6F22) Operation time* Battery approx. 35 h Rechargeable battery approx. 12-15 h Temperature range approx. -10 °C to +55 °C Dimensions Handle approx. 32 mm Search head approx. 170 x 115 mm Total length approx. 420 mm Weight approx. 270 g (operational weight) Operating frequency 9,5 kHz *depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries


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