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  • Covert operation
  • Silent vibration alarm
  • Small - handy - robust
  • Simple to operate
  • Inexpensive
  • Immediately ready for operation





The practical SC METAL-TEC 1400 hand-held detector detects metal weapons, razor blades, handcuff keys and drugs wrapped in metal foils. Due to its small size and silent indication, it is perfect for covert detection.

Mode of operation

The water-resistant housing, made from ABS plastic, is very impactresistant. Thanks to the vinyl-rubber handle, the detector can be easily and securely held. Using a Velcro strap, the SC METAL-TEC 1400 can be easily attached to the door, protection grille, organiser or the radio console in a vehicle?s interior. The supplied nylon belt holder is perfect for mobile use outside the vehicle.

Constructional features

The SC METAL-TEC 1400 hand-held detector has a three-axis detection fi eld that identifi es ferrous and non-ferrous metals in its proximity with a silent vibration. The handling is very simple: the fi xed basic setting requires no calibration or additional adjustment. The supplied high-performance 9-Volt alkali battery lasts for approx. 2,000 checks of 15 seconds each.

Delivery content

  • SC METAL-TEC 1400 hand-held metal detector
  • 9-V dry battery
  • Nylon belt holster
  • Vehicle installation kit

Technical Data

Power supply Battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9-V Rechargeable battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9-V Ni-MH (IEC HR 6F22) Operation time* Battery approx. 8 h Rechargeable battery approx. 4 h Temperature range approx. -26 °C to approx. +54 °C Dimensions 200 x 45 x 33 mm Weight approx. 250 g (operating weight) Operating frequency 360 kHz *depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries

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