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EBEX® 410

  • Multi-component system for diverse
  • detection requirements
  • Very high detection sensitivity
  • Dynamic operation mode
  • Simple handling: single-button operation
  • Acoustic battery and activation control
  • Comprehensive accessories


The EBEX® 410 metal detector was developed especially for forensic police work purposes and it refl ects the result of intensive exchange with professional users at the respective examination entities: State Offi ces of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Offi ce of Criminal Investigation. Typical applications include personal and postal item examination, detention centre and prison examination, inspections of building substances, open spaces and shallow water. The core of the EBEX® 410 is a highly-sensitive metal detector, which can be equipped with the appropriate additional components depending on the detection task. The detector can be assembled/ extended by means of extension rods and cables with the electronic cylinder.

Mode of operation

The technology used in the EBEX® 410 is based on the proven EBINGER damping principle. The benefi t of this method lies in the high detection sensitivity for very small metal objects as required in forensics. The device detects all electrically-conductive media including thin metal foils, small iron fragments and objects made from ferrous or non-ferrous metals and alloys. Magnetic ground effects are reduced within wide limits. Power installations and the magnetic alternating fi elds of power lines have very little infl uence on the detection result. However, salt water can cause interfering signals. Metal detection is indicated by an audio signal with high frequency swing. Conclusions are possible on targets size and distance due to the change in alarm frequency and intensity.

Constructional features

The EBEX® 410 offers 9 accessories that can be fi tted to the electronic cylinder, enabling numerous detection tasks depending on the combination. Each combination creates a compact, robust and user-friendly detector without cumbersome cables that can even be used inside buildings or on open ground. The device?s electronics and the battery compartment are built into the electronic cylinder and are protected against splashes.

Delivery content

  • Electronic cylinder
  • Extension rod
  • Search heads (ø 145 and 260 mm)
  • Cylinder probe (ø 22 mm)
  • Extension cable
  • EB 10 single sided headset
  • Piezoelectric loudspeaker
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery and battery charger
  • Transport case with ABS inlay
  • Operation manual

Technical Data

Electronic cylinder Length approx. 35 x 370 mm Extension tube Length approx. 20 x 485 mm Cylinder probe Length approx. 23 x 200 mm Coils ø approx. 145 und 260 mm Overall length approx. 520?1.550 mm Transport case approx. 480 x 380 x 120 mm Power supply Battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9 V Rechargeable battery 1 x ANSI E (E block) 9 V NiMH Operation time* Dry battery approx. 25 h Rech. battery (250 mAH) approx. 12 h Operation weight approx. 0,605-1,456 kg Operation frequency 26 kHz * Depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries

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