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GPP Pinpointer


  • precise pinpointing
  • automatic ground compensation
  • rugged design
  • waterproof
  • easy to operate
  • with illumination





The GPP was designed for precise pinpointing of buried metal objects in the ground. It is a self-working metal detector that can be operated separately from a land detector and applies for various detection jobs.

The GPP is one of the most powerful pinpointers on the market. It has automatic ground compensation.

Due to its parameters/features and the easy operation it can be applied for the archaeological prospecting. It is also very welcome from the treasure hunters.

Mode of operation

The GPP works on the so-called damping system. Due to audio changes in the alarm, conclusions are possible to size, position and distance of buried object. Furthermore if the object has a positive (metal) or negative signature (bricks, potsherd).

Due to the dynamic detection feature (motion) the GPP matches to various ground mineralisations. In case of static systems (No Motion) this feature is not given.

Constructional features

The GPP housing is very rugged and the search head tip specially enhanced. The electronic, the search head and the headset are waterproof and the sensitivity adjuster is hermetically sealed. It is water resistant for the operation during rain or with snow.

Volume control is done mechanically via a tuning ring. The audio alarm can be turned off and applies by the LED. The battery compartment can be accessed easily and the cap of the battery compartment is protected and cannot be lost. The illumination of the detected area can be switched on upside the two-step operation knob. It can be used also as a torch.

Delivery content

  • GPP Pinpointer
  • Dry battery 9 V E-Block ( 6 AM6)
  • Hand strap
  • Operation manual

Technical Data

Power supply 1 pc. 9 V E-Block 6 AM6 1 pc. rechargeable battery 9 V E-Block 6 F22 Operation time* dry battery approx. 50 h without illumination, rechargeable battery approx. 30 h with illumination Temperature range approx. -10°C to +50°C Dimensions search head approx. 22 mm ø max. approx. 40 mm ø Total length approx. 300 mm Weight approx. 0,34 kg (incl. battery) Operating frequency approx. 10 kHz * depending on temperature as well as quality of used batteries



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